a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Old Cock

An evening out in Otley.

Mark and I have broken our journey south with a night in the Yorkshire Dales.  My cousin John has  been an excellent host and much hilarity has ensued.

Tomorrow we head to Rochdale to visit my Godfather Uncle Peter and my Mum’s favourite sister Aunty Mary. Sadly she is the last of Mum’s siblings still alive.

It’s always a pleasure to see her - so much of my Mum is still there in Aunty Mary.

And after that the final push on home  after what is likely to be 1,500 miles of motorbike touring.  It will be 29C for much of tomorrow’s journey. Not easy after tonight’s entertainments.  Mark kindly modelled for this iPhone shot earlier, but as you can see the long day had taken its toll and he fell asleep while I was faffing around taking the shot.

The holiday with Mark has been an utter delight once again. I am sure that he will need a few days or weeks without my company - 10 days of this sort of trip asks a lot of a travelling companion, particularly a brother-in-law.  Perhaps after that we can start to consider a trip for next year ...   :-)

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