a lifetime burning

By Sheol


This alstroemeria from Cathy's garden looks fabulous in the strong evening sunshine, but it certainly is not a subtle flower!  

Its been a long and very hot day on the motorbike getting from Leeds back to Bristol, whilst stopping to visit relatives in Rochdale.  

The journey largely went without a hitch, but at one stage my bike's computer told me that the ambient air temperature was 33C.  I can entirely believe it.  Dressed in my very sensible leather kit I was a little bit warm, to say the least.  It wasn't so bad while I could keep going at the national speed limit ;-) but when we had to slow down it could get a tad oppressive.

I have hundreds of photos to review, and probably will delete many but a few have been edited and used to fill in the missing gaps in my journal as back blipped entries for the missing days. I shall try to get around to dealing with the rest over the course of this week, as time permits.  But for now, the laundry is on the line, the bike has been cleaned and is in the garage, and I have to get used to the idea that I am going to be back at work in the morning.  

Back to earth with a bump, unfortunately.

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