a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Sweet Pea

Tiny Tuesday: Sweet Pea and an old friend

"Sweet pea, my sweet pea
You're the one to get my heart a-jumpin'
Light of love all around your
Being to see

The future - it's looking at you
It only exists because you're alive
So close your eyes and smile
Your smiles of sweet dreams

And fill them with love again
Sweet pea
Fill them with joy again

Each pace I take and you know why
I write for you and I to try
To take the things that lie around
And turn them into dreams so swift-so proud
It's on a time again
And it's mine again

Sweet thing, loving you is easy
Goodbye sadness when I'm around you
Giving me something I can feel
Down to in bones

Ah, sometimes - maybe just sometimes
Look back on these times and smile
And have the grace to know
What you have seen

And fill you with love again
Sweet pea
(You) fill me with hope again!
My Sweet Pea"

Paul Weller ~ Sweet Pea

The sweet pea flowers are making an enormous cascade to one side of the house, and their sitting in a flower was this cricket.  It obviously not my old friend Jimminy from a few years ago, but its nice to see a cricket in the garden this year.  Last year we did not seem to have many if any at all.

Its been back to work with a bang today - busy and warm.  There's a game of football about to start that I'm going to watch with my fingers crossed, but I expect that they will break my heart again!

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