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Yesterday was technically my 365th blip but I have not posted it yet. I'm making today my Official 365th blip and am going to back blip yesterday's tomorrow. Is that confusing enough?

So hitting 365 is the big milestone for me. From now on I'm not going to make it a priority to blip every day. I'm also going to start using blip more as a journal than as a photo blog. That's the plan at least. We'll see how it pans out. To be honest, I never really thought of what would happen after 365 blips.

We've spent the last few days skiing at Mount Bachelor with very good friends of ours from San Francisco. Normally this trip would not have been much of a problem with regards to blipping but the fact that my 365th was at the same time kinda messed me up. I did bring a laptop so I could upload my shots, but this did not work out too well. First, I was rarely able to get connected to the Internet. Secondly, on the 31st of Jan I had only taken pictures with my Canon G9. The problem was that I had no way to download the images as I had forgotten to bring a USB cable. We were also way too busy with kids, dogs, skiing and serious head colds, so blipping was very low on the totem pole.

While we were at the pool before heading home to Portland I noticed the 3ft and 6in decal. Kim kindly modeled her hand to make this milestone blip. Thanks, Honey.

And a very Big Thanks to all you other blippers and lurkers out there. You've all made it so much more rewarding and fun for me to do this crazy pass time. And, of course, a very special thanks to Joe and Co. I really hope the new Blip endeavour goes well. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the new site roll-out. Should be a great year ahead.

And finally I have to give particular thanks to my favourite Girls in the Whole Wide World. That's of course Kim, Holly, Emma and Addie. Without whom my blips would be very empty indeed. (They also put up with so much by having a Crazy Blip Daddy. I'm a very lucky guy!)

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