Is this llama your mama??

Well, my two dogs Asia & Chloe did not think so! Chloe even growled a little, not knowing who this animal was coming towards her - not my mama, she said!
The llama was back in the field as we approached, dogs on lead going by her fence. Then she came trotting up to the edge of the fence to check us out as we walked by! She seemed friendly enough, but I was glad the fence was there. If you want a closer look, click here.

This is our new neighborhood - miles of fences to keep cows, horses, farm dogs and llamas in. It is quite different than my more cityfied former neighborhood. Here there is a huge sidewalk that runs along the fence posts; it really is quite nice and safe for dog walking. We walked about 2 miles/40 minutes today, and if we can walk a wee bit longer another day there is a park with a special section for dogs to play in!

More boxes were undone today, the cookbooks were discovered and put in a good place. The slow cooker has a home in this kitchen instead of stored in the garage - yay! A huge grocery shopping was also done as we let things run down before we moved. The new store I tried was great -so all is well! We are settling in and it feels very good.

Don't hurry, don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So be sure and stop to smell the flowers.
~ Walter Hagen

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