Vinelive Montpellier

I woke up at 5:30 in order to get the 6 AM shuttle to the airport with Kieron and Graham, then we boarded our flight from Munich to Marseille which all went smoothly, on arrival we were met by the lovely Steeve, (yes that’s how you spell it), then we had a pleasant two hour drive chatting all the way and stopped off at the venue for lunch of fresh French bread, cheese and meats with Rose wine. The venue is actually a vineyard, beautiful place, it is so hot today! We caught up with Neil Conti over lunch and then headed back to the hotel where we all got our heads down for a few hours.

I wanted to see Kieron a.k.a. Perry Blake with Graham on backing vocals and keyboards so Steeve picked me up around 745, I really enjoyed their set, it was berry atmospheric and I liked the songs, we went on after them and had a great reaction, we got everybody dancing and I got them singing along, everyone had a lot of fun on stage, the band are so good, everybody in the band is amazing, it’s great to know that any moment I can point to anybody and they will do some incredible solo!

After us it was Goudi and deep forest who were fantastic! He even had a theramin, I’d like to try playing one of those!

It was great to see Laura B a producer who I first met when I was working with black box in London and also Blandine who is the bass player with the all girl AC/DC tribute band Ballbreaker. Overtime I’ve got to know some lovely people over here.

We finally got a lift back to our hotel with a lovely French couple from Toulouse you had been performing earlier but unfortunately I didn’t see the performance, she was in a wheelchair and I was so impressed the way they just took everything apart and managed to get all their equipment in the car and then she drove us home.

Although the menu in my room said that room service was available 24 seven it turned out it wasn’t.

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