The End is Nigh

The Little Misses like playing Cool Maths games on my computer. I remember a few years ago when they were playing a penguin game involving splitting blocks of in the fewest possible moves (Colourful Penguins if you want to have a go!!) Mr K and I became a bit addicted to it, playing whenever they went off to bed!!
Not as addicted as I currently am to the Hangman game. Oh my goodness!!
You lose a balloon for every wrong letter guessed and get a point for every balloon you have left when you correctly compete the word. 
I had a marathon session the other day and got my high score of 185. It's easier said than done as the words are often American so it's things like Labor Day for a public holiday, or American football teams, or unheard of American brands. But on the other hand it's opened my eyes to the world of official Crayon colours and every video game ever invented. By the power of Google all becomes clear!!
Until this bloody clue I was doing alright in getting close to my high score but I was scuppered by this.
I got an A but with only one guess left I accidentally shut my computer and when I opened it again it said the site had reloaded to save memory. 
So I'll never know the answer to this clue. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
Mr K worked at home today which was nice and he was able to take Miss E to her rearranged 11+ tuition. Yay!!

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