By misswinterfinch

Shock and Awe

Not the blip I intended. Early this morning I saw the Purple Smoke tree laden with fog. All the delicate fuzzy ends were turned pink.
You can only imagine it because there is something else to imagine instead.

This blip is of a long swath of varied daylilies ready to bloom. Imagine them as about 5 feet tall and 30 feet long.
This weekend they were mowed down with a brush hog mower. Flat to the ground. And in the back garden of my friend's house another several hundred daylilies and lots of other plants and small shrubs, flattened and gone.
My friend is staying at my house for a few days while she goes for doctor appointments. I drive her to the ones that are at a far distance.
This mowing took place at her house a block away from me. It is nearly sold just the final closing papers and inspection to be done this coming Friday.
The future owners not only bushwhacked all the landscape but had a BBQ in the backyard on Friday evening. The house is totally locked up so they could not get inside. They were acting as if they already own it. But Trespassing and vandalism is what the police are looking at.
It is so shocking, as a fellow gardener, for me to see the immensity of what has been destroyed! Several thousands of dollars of plants gone!
Very upsetting to say the least.

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