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Lacock (Saturday 30th June 2018)

I had two reasons to visit Lacock this weekend. The National Trust had organised a Panasonic Lumix Roadshow in Lacock Abbey grounds and Wadworth's were visiting the Red Lion with two of their shire horses.

When I arrived I ascertained some details about the Roadshow timetable and then went to find the shires outside the pub. I spent twenty minutes or so taking pictures of them with my Pentax K-1 and then went to register at the Roadshow event, where I was issued with their new DC-GX9, a Micro 4/3rds compact camera, to try out using their 14-42mm lens (28-84mm equivalent).

I spent some time in the grounds, including their Botanical Gardens, experimenting with unfamiliar features of the new camera - the tilting viewfinder, the Post Focus option and various others, and made my way back to the shire horses Sam and Archie.

This blip of the gorgeous Sam (7) was taken with the GX9. The midday lighting was very harsh and I have had to do some post-processing to reduce a strong blue cast (to be fair the full-frame K-1 suffered in the same way) but the camera was fun to use and produced good results with a sensor that is only half-size (larger proper DSLR's mostly have APS-C lens that are 75% full-frame).

I was back in good time for Panasonic's Photo Walk which was led by Esther Ling (seen in Extras). This was mostly spent in front of the Abbey in the much needed shade of a tree, and then I had an hour or so to wander the grounds before having to hand the camera back in.

I also used my own lovely Panasonic LX100, another Micro 4/3rds camera but with a non-detachable zoom lens, and learned how it could be combined with a smartphone to add geo-location information that it otherwise lacks.

Links to the pictures taken that day will appear here when ready.

2.7.2018 (1655 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DC-GX9 Micro 4/3rds with 14-40mm f3.5-5.6 lens

Lacock series
Wadworth Shires series
Horses series

The Wadworth Shires At The Red Lion, 30 June 2018 (Flickr album of 23 images)
A Visit To Lacock Abbey, 30 June 2018 (Flickr album)(Work in progress)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Marianne Faithfull - Come And Stay With Me (recorded 31 December 1964)
This was the first recorded ever bought by Morrissey, when he was 6. I also bought it when it first came out in 1965 although I was a little older. It was written for Marianne Faithfull by Jackie DeShannon in a hotel in Los Angeles when she was with boyfriend Jimmy Page. I'd love to hear her demo (with Jimmy on 12-string?) because by the time she recorded it for her Laurel Canyon album in 1968 she'd gone all AOR. This track is included on the fascinating 3CD set Gathered From Coincidence: The British Folk-Pop Sound Of 1965-66 which turned up in the post on this day.

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