"Hmmmm", I thought to myself at work today, "how can I show off my lovely new Crumpler Muffin Top 5500 and spanky new Asus EeePC901 to the world?"

Let's just say, it seemed a good idea at the time and leave it at that.

The Crumpler bag is great. It looks like a man-bag, but holds my Canon 1000D and three lenses (50mm, 18-55mm and the Tamron 300mm badboy) with perfect snugility. If Jack Bauer was a teacher/amateur photographer, he'd surely stoat about with one of these.

The Asus Netbook is something I've been researching for a while and eventually got this (courtesy of Larissa's recent trip to the UK) over the Acer Aspire. It's a tiny little thing, ideal for keeping up-to-date with blips while I'm on the move (which is going to be quite a lot this year) as it has Windows XP, a very handy SD card slot, a decent battery and an excellent internet hotspot LAN thing for free surfing.

These two things plus the all conquering N82 means I now have the perfect combination of equipment to blip anywhere, any time, wireless internet permitting of course (of which there is none in the college lavvy).

You might notice a little shower type thing hanging on the wall. Its purpose has been the subject of many a debate with my ex-pat friends. Common thinking is that is serves the same pupose as a bidet, although how the Omanis manage to use it that way with their Dishdashas (long white dresses) hunched up over their shoulders (another line of thought in a not unrelated debate) is a little harder to explain.

We have still to come up with a suitable explanation as to what it's used for and why the whole cubicle is completely completely soaked when you go in after an Omani.

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