If my calculations are correct...

Well, it was back to The Future today where I spent seven very long hours that I'll no doubt want back when the Lord* takes me.

It's the mid-term break, but every department must be manned during it. The highlights of my day included trying to explain to the Business Department that just because an exam is worth 40% of the final mark, it 'doesn't actually have to fucking be out of 40!' and listening to a thick student whine about how swine-flu was to blame for him failing the semester. The working day ended nicely with my bus dumping me off in the middle of the highway (I'm not allowed to be dropped in my usual place during mid-term break, of course) where I was lucky not to be knocked down by a hundred beeping, speeding morons before I grabbed a taxi, got home and met the landlord to pay the month's rent in the tatty notes the university rewards me with every month.

(Dreadful as I make the place sound, the trade-off is that we manage to pay the rent, bills and everything else using just my wages meaning we can save Larissa's each month. Not bad.)

Right, tea is almost ready and Season 4 of The Sopranos - my new favourite TV show of all time - is loaded and ready to go.

See you tomorrow.

*To be articulated in the style of Livia Soprano.

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