Red Raw

After reading the fantastic comments and tips left on my last padlock entry (you should read them all if you haven't already), I found this one much easier. I've taken a photo of this damn padlock every day for the last week or so (it belongs to the Coke stand next to my bus-stop) but today I arrived armed with RAW on the brain (plus a little more appreciation of morning light) and got exactly what I wanted.

It just goes to show, if you want some advice on how to improve your photography, you only have to ask.

After taking three days off this week (it's mid-term so I'm allowed), I had every intention of going into work today. However, my bus didn't come so instead I grabbed a coffee and a muffin and played the PS3 all morning and most of the afternoon. Now I'm off to cook dinner (chicken breasts with grape & pecan stuffing*).

See you tomorrow.


*Here's the recipe. Not that great, but worth a shot.

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