I've taken a few days off work this week which has given me time to wander around during daylight hours looking for interesting things to photograph. This caught my eye yesterday and so I went back to get it again. I shot in RAW today, which the purists will argue you should do all the time. However the difference, as far as I can see, between the RAW file and the JPEG was negligible, other than the massive size. There was a noticeable increase in how much Fill Light, Highlights and Shadows (Picasa talk) I could tinker with I suppose, but not enough for me to consider shooting RAW all the time.

With regard to the Egyptian public, they didn't disappoint on my wander today with enough spitting, littering, staring, shouting and beeping to all but ruin the experience. Added to that, this derelict hut seemed to double as a toilet, which I only realised when I walked round the other side to narrowly avoid stumbling in some shit (both loose and bagged, strangely) whilst a couple of blokes took a piss against the wall and a tree respectively. What makes it even worse, is that I live in the posh bit of Cairo. I don't want to think about what the poorer areas are like.

I do hope they all learn to behave themselves before my Mum comes out next week. What will she think!

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