Two instruments hanging on the wall in MrM's workshop waiting to be finished - a mandolin and a bouzouki. Behind them, a poster showing details of a violin.

A day that didn't go at all entirely as planned! It started with a disaster but, in the great scale of things, a piddling little disaster in more ways than one! Usually I keep my mobile phone somewhere sensible, but this morning I put it in the back pocket of my jeans. And forgot about it. Until I went to the loo. You can imagine the rest!
A few rude words later, I hastily dried the mobile off and hoped for the best. But it was already completely unresponsive. Since then it's been lying still, covered in rice, in the hope that it might start to show signs of recovery, but I'm beginning to lose hope. I wasn't particularly fond of the phone, but was hoping that it would last a few more months at least...

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