Up, Up & Away

From the start here the clip to put your cat out of its misery having to hear you try to sing the tune.

Tried to get away early this morning to do some food shopping in Memmingen but failed to get into first gear. So ended up there during the greatest midday heat. But I have to admit that it was actually almost unpleasantly cold in the supermarkets with their air conditioning.

A couple of months ago as the heat had started, noticed that my Jeep's aircon wasn't working and seemingly pumping out even more heat. The only solution was to switch off the system completely. I assumed it was a catastrophic failure of the aircon and only by chance the other day I switched it on and happened to notice the passenger side was cold and the drivers side hot. Realised it must somehow be related to the opposite effect I had in 2017 when the heating failed in winter on the passenger side.

Back then I had repaired it with a €100 solution compared to the €1,500 official dealer fix. A simple €0.50 pin had broken. The work I had to do then, cutting out plastic cladding, came to my aid when I took a look at the situation today. It looks like the motor that moves the two paddles that direct the air has given up the ghost. No idea what a replacement costs so have simply moved the paddle by hand and just pray the weather stays warm until October at least.

Evening dog walk in Ottobeuren while Angie did her fitness and sauna session. As we drove over the hill towards Ottobeuren, saw a hot air balloon sitting almost exactly over the town and during the walk observed how it moved in almost all directions of the compass. Must have been lovely flying weather. Shame my son can't be here with his balloon but I tried sending him a WhatsApp photo. Not sure it was still visible. Sadly no longer having a proper camera, I can't zoom much and could not identify the unusual shape. It was not a traditional balloon but possibly one in the shape of a person or comic character. The balloon is directly above the two spires of the basilica.

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