Trade Off

A day of trying to do lots of things and not really getting anywhere near what I had planned.

Although not a motorcycle fan myself, the sight of this Harley in the village this morning was still very impressive. Have to say that as a child of the Easy Rider times, the bike is a true symbol of the American way of life.

However, as we know the dear current POTUS is doing his very best to destroy this image and even harming himself. This cancerous strategy is spreading throughout the world, far and also very near. Seeking out peoples weaknesses and using this to try and destroy them. Always concentrating on criticism and never trying to build something positive and good.

I was quite busy until late and only saw the last five minutes of extra time of the England game. Nail biting stuff and well done. I had a plan for Saturday night and was sure that watching TV was not going to be part of it. Germany out and no chance of England getting past the first knock out round. Oh well, we have to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

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