Severn Valley Railway

It was my dad's seventieth birthday on Wednesday and we've come up to Shropshire for a weekend at the Severn Valley Railway 1940s Steam Gala.
My mum and dad, us, Mr B, Mrs L, Miss M and Mr T, Mr M, Mrs H and Mr B - Mr C and Mrs S.
I had a doctors appointment first thing and then it was food shopping and home to pack. Obviously I left it all to the last minute.......
It had all got a bit complicated with getting there. Miss E's PGL was just north of Shrewsbury - about forty five minutes from where we are  - so I had arranged that I was going to collect her from there rather than her having to sit three hours on the coach back only to get into the camper and drive two hours back up to Shropshire. Mr K was going to get Miss L from school and follow on later.
On the morning she left Miss E said she really wanted to come back on the coach with her friends, to experience the whole thing with everyone else. They weren't due back until at least 5 o'clock this evening so I decided to still go on ahead with the tent and all the tables, chairs, food etc. and set everything up before Mr K, the Little Misses and Archie arrived.
The journey up seemed to take ages. Stupid Friday traffic. And stupid leaving two hours after I'd planned......
But I got there eventually and it was definitely worth the journey. What an amazing spot! The  heat was offset by a wonderful breeze. Bliss!!
My mum and dad have been camping at the farm above Hampton Loade station for years but it was our first visit. Just gorgeous.
I got all set up then my mum, dad and I walked down to the station to have a look round. It looked so beautiful in the evening light. It made me so nostalgic!!!
At about 8.30pm Mr B and Mrs L arrived, and shortly after Mr K and the Little Misses got here.
Badminton, swing ball, an unhealthy obsession with the toilet tent, lots of running up and down the hill......
Before we knew it it was 11.30, freezing and time for bed.

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