A complex of three cultural institutions has decorated Museumplein Limburg in Kerkrade since the end of 2015. Columbus earth center, Cube design museum and Continium discovery center can each be visited on their own, but form a trinity in the sense that they are connected physically, as well as thematically and organisationally. The theater, museum and discovery center located at Museumplein Limburg each tell a part of the oldest story in the world: the relationship between man and the world in which he lives.

Columbus tells the story of the natural world on which we live and from which we extract the raw materials for everything we produce and consume. In Columbus visitors find a unique way of projecting, which creates an intense experience. By making people look at the earth from a special perspective - that of the astronaut - an awareness of the vulnerability of the earth is cultivated and the influence of man on that natural world.

Cube design museum shows from which need or ambition the objects, services and applications that we use in our world are developed and provides insight into the design process of these matters. In addition to exhibitions of leading Euregional and (inter) national design, Cube acts as permanent lab and work space, where students and young designers work on new design in co-creation with visitors.

In Continium, visitors discover how we use science and technology to develop our world, in the past, in the present and in the future. With the interactive discoveries, young visitors discover how the world works around them. In the Labs of Continium, visitors go to work on creating a technical product. Continium regularly presents temporary exhibitions with a current topic and manages an extensive collection of industrial heritage.

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