Eurode Business Center

The Eurode Business Center (EBC), a common service-industry complex, also illustrates this cross-border economic cooperation.
In 1997, as part of a slowly evolving collaboration within Eurode, the idea was conceived of realizing an office complex straddling both sides of the border where a multitude of other businesses might be housed, complementary to those already existing at the Technologiepark Herzogenrath. Herzogenrath and Kerkrade, together with the respective development corporations, the Aachener Gesellschaft für Innovation und Technologietransfer (AGIT) and the Dutch N.V. Industriebank LIOF, worked out the concept in detail.
The added value of this business center acted as an impulse to the cross-border economic development and to expanding business networks in both countries.

The EBC is aimed at the following target groups: General service industries, such as employment agencies, law firms, tax consultants, business consultants, PR and marketing companies, agencies promoting local and regional culture, local recreation and tourism, estate agents and other property development companies.

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