The 'Secret Garden' at the Museum in the Park

I arranged to meet Camilla today and we decided to rendezvous in the late afternoon at the Museum in the Park, where she volunteers each Thursday as a guide in the new walled garden. I noticed a new sign there now designates it as a 'Secret Garden'. 

It is looking truly wonderful at present and is a absolute credit to its designer Cleo M. who took it on as a blank canvas when the old walled garden was brought back to life two years ago. The Stroud museum was moved some years ago into the old house of Stratford Park, a mill owner's residence on the western side of the town centre.

A big grant was found as well as other fundraising to create a completely new modern learning centre in the overgrown walled garden. At the same time the landscaping within the walls was removed and redesigned to make the sloping ground completely accessible. Cleo M. brought in a range of plants and this is the result, although I should say it is just a small section of the many flowering beds. There are also wild flower meadows, a lawn, and Mediterranean type section where no watering occurs at all.

It was also good to meet up with Don who is a neighbour of Camilla who also came to visit  bringing his father John as well. We also loved being there and we all thought it looks wonderful and really enjoyed pottering about for an hour whilst I took some close up pictures of various plants, many of which I had never seen before. I shall return soon to make a complete inventory just for  my memory's sake.

Befor I went to the museum i had some good news about my computer problems. My finger crossing may be working. 

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