An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller

A Refectory with a View! (Upwards)

For only about the second time, ever, I rested my weary legs in Salisbury Cathedral's "Refectory", a pot of tea and toasted cheese/bacon sarnie - at nearly eight pounds you can see why!

It's excellent home cooked fare, of course, impeccable in profits it supports and young, friendly staff.

BUT, boy, this 'conservatory'; "lean-to" is an architectural marvel in its own right. Self cleaning double glazed panels. adding functionality as well as beauty. It is situated between the south wall of the Cathedral itself and the Cloister, which is behind me.

I had got my photos and had sat down before it got really busy. A polariser on the ultrawide was a must, eliminating almost all the already reduced reflections.

However, the density and hue of the blues was rather variable, with slight purple tinges in places, so this was soon going to be a high contrast black and white.

Rather large amounts of barrel distortion reared its ugly head on the angular structure, so that, plus a few other things had to have some time spent on them in processing.

A true challenge, one I'm happy with and one which I do not need to try again, at least for a long while.

And, oh, almost no-one took a first glance upwards, let alone a second, or twentieth.... etc

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