Growing so fast

Abe has been entertained by three 13-year-olds today. He's had a good time, but might be a little over-stimulated right now; he's gone psycho! We've just put him in his run for a little while to calm down.

I went to pick Little Miss up from her friend's house after last night's sleepover and came home with three for the price of one. They've had a lovely day, playing with Nikau and Abe, playing Uno and Scrabble, and now watching Oddball. There is an advantage to being a teacher and having the school holidays off. The parents get entertained and happy children home at the end of the day.

Mr B is about to start a week's holiday today. He's got lots to do this afternoon before he can down tools. He needs a break and we'll be really happy to have him around.


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