All that is beautiful

By sharob


I backblipped a load of pictures yesterday ... but didn't really say much on them. So an update on Clara;

Clara is amazing, the last few weeks she has been a delightful little helper, she plays with her sister beautifully and she loves assisting me around the house.

She is in Year 1 at school now, she's a blue level reader, hopefully moving up to the next level real soon as her books aren't challenging her at all. She gets 10 spellings a week to learn and has only once got one word incorrect in her test. She has a sheet of numeracy homework each week too but I'm hopeless with numbers so I don't really encourage her too much on that front when I really should. She was recognised as gifted and talented with art and has been given a place in the art and display after school club which she loves. Her handwriting is improving every time she writes, looks almost grown up sometimes, so neat and tidy!

We've got her parents evening on Monday, I'm really looking forward to hearing how shes getting on and to see the work in her classroom.

I've been taking my photography a little more seriously and have been pretty busy with photo shoots for mostly children and some families. Clara is chief light tester and has adopted a variety of light tester poses .. She loves posing with this artificial flower, it's her favourite.

I'm proud of my Clara x x

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