A Room Without a Roof

The heat was starting to build, the sun was up, the purple hairstreaks were waking, starting to flit with their silvery flight; easy to spot at first as they darted and fluttered around to feed on the sap more at eye level. The air positively came alive over time as more insects woke up to a new day. 

 Definitely, '.......a room without a roof'. I was happy.

Early doors at Trench Woods again today and there were lenses! The thought crossed my mind we might all be fighting for space and the same butterfly ....... 

You get them on screen and think that you haven't focused on their eyes properly but in fact they have tiny, minuscule hairs over theirs eyes that make them appear fuzzy! It didn't take long for them to tumble, twist and spin back into the sky so you had to grab your chance.

My extra is a male with open wings as they basked in the sun before breakfast - a very holiday attitude but it's July!

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