I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

What? Another Mono????

I certainly surprised myself today, choosing a mono for Flower Friday. This is the second time this week. I felt the color got in the way fo the detail on this lily. It just opened up this morning and I couldn't resist the light coming through the petals.

The next door "dog saga" is coming to an end. They moved out about a week ago and the owners were horrified with what was left behind. I won't go in to detail, but you can imagine what three grown dogs and 10 puppies will do to a house when not tended to.

We also found out that papers were left behind showing the man was not what he made himself out to be. It must have been hard work keeping up that facade. (He did have us fooled for a while)

Needless to say, we are grateful that problem has been resolved, but feel for the owners that now have to clean up a once immaculate house and yard.

Thank you, as always Anni, for your tireless efforts keeping this challenge going. It is great to see all the entries.

Until tomorrow.....

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