....of softly lit sunlight shone down upon the horizon, it was a moment of drama as the clouds wrestled with the sun.....

A choppy sea and no sunrise, I wondered if anything at all would unfold out at sea as I perched myself on top of my favourite sand dune. Thinking not I put my back to the sea and instead watched the weather coming from the west, I rolled off a couple of shots and turned around....couldn't believe my eyes as this is what I saw....it was breathtaking!!

And then the wind got up, strong and gusty, sand skimming along the beach, tussocks looking like wild hair as they rustled and jostled in the wind, the terns and gulls thought it was alright as they glided along on the current.

I waited wondering if more was to come......the sun broke through the cloud sending intense golden light along the beach, it was breathtaking as drama unfolded in all directions. 

After taking a few shots I put my camera away as sand was flying along the beach. I trudged down off my sand dune and thankfully wandered with my back to the wind and sand, using my phone to capture more shots of this magical moment.

In my extras:
Skimming sand - it was amazing!!
Calm and bright along the beach - looking SE
Golden light over the estuary

It was another magical morning at the beach, I've since been resting my eyes.

Thank you for your kind words yesterday, fingers crossed all will be sorted soon and I can enjoy being outdoors for longer periods. I'll always have moments of frustration as I battle with Photophobia.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

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