Yet another

flower Blip. That's three in a row, which, considering I'm not a fan of taking them is not a normal thing for me! I am just getting used to this new Brian's old camera, and they don't move too much! This is the first usable photo I have taken with it! 

I went over to my folks' today. Just a regular day over there, which can only be a good thing!

Then Bri picked me up and we went more or less straight out to The Birdcage (our local pub) to watch England play Sweden in the World Cup quarter final. England played pretty well, and deserved their 2 - 0 victory. We really enjoyed the game! Less nerve wracking than the last one!! And free food too!

I took this after the match when we went outside to sit in the beer garden. Needless to say I have no idea what it is!

Now I'm going to chill out, watch the other semi to see who England's next opponent will be, do some emails etc. And maybe sink another cider or two!

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