Sweden 0 - 2 England

In 1990 England lost to Sweden 2 - 1 in what was supposed to be an abysmal display. The newspapers at the time reported the result as Swedes 2 - 1 Turnips.

Not today, a good performance put England into the semifinals of the World Cup for the first time since that year. Today’s blip could only celebrate excitement the result brought to the crowds of people who were gathered around the many bars and pubs in Maidstone and the jubilation as they poured outside to chant, sing and make a great deal of noise.

We reversed our usual Saturday, getting the jobs done in the morning; Susan toiling with cleaning and me toiling at the allotment. Much as I love to follow our national teams I can’t bear to watch. Rugby is the same. We walked through an empty Mote Park into town where the streets were sparsely populated until the end of the game.

A superb evening with all the business conducted outdoors; aperitifs, dinner, digestives and quiet contemplation as the twilight slowly faded to dusk and night.

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