By Bella888

Mono Monday: Diligence

Foot Day 7

Take your pick. All individually mono (‘ish). Prisma’d, Snapseeded and PhotoShopped. Now can’t decide which to use. Need to get ready for 09:45 “bandage-off”, appointment.

I have been well dilligent in recent days. Not even the temptation of a flat white, Aspall or the lure of an ice-cream, has got me out.

It’s rumoured the Thai rescue operation has resumed already, maybe some more miracles before I return. David Davis gone (UPDATE: Now Boris’s off on his Bike too) both plotting a return with a vengeance? And sad news from Salisbury. Diligence is a requisite in managiing of all these issues.

Ok. Time to prepare. Don’t want to have to rush. Daylight and heat :-( beckon.

Happy Mono Monday

NB These are snapped at our newish ‘visionary’ eco ‘tapas’ restaurant/bar in Southbourne. No Aspall, but an acceptable local Dorset cider. Everything sustainable, even the poor Talapia fish they ‘grow to eat’ in their Aquaponic feature (have to avert my eyes, they are now growing fast and unaware of their fate). Tapas is a misnomer. More a inspired seasonal selection of small dishes. Not for everyone. Will not satisfy the meat and 3 veg punter. Husband almost converted on our last visit.


UPDATE 12:28: Foot healing well. Stitches still to dissolve. Another few days diligently keeping foot up. Specialist Friday. Nurse said she has never seen healing problems after surgery by my surgeon. So feeling optimistic.

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