By Bella888

Tiny Tuesday: Foot To Recovery

Today’s blip celebrates the foot woes receding. Will no longer regale (or bore) you with updates*. (*may forget I said that)

And back to temperate weather, touch wood. Have even partly opened the black outs. So can ‘see the light’ again.

Husband making me aubergine schnitzel. His veggie and non veggie are legendary. (Thin and light, no flour, Italian ‘Milanese’ style). And ratatouille using offcuts from yesterday’s lemony chargrilled courgette salad. And new potatoes with spring onions with lemon rind. Roll on dinner.

Fed up with Brexit news. Too many diverging views. And ridiculous statements. Just hearing how at the Albanian summit ‘we are becoming a joke’. Of course, it suits EU officials and Remainers to say that. Time will tell. Nobody has a crystal ball (sorry, some of blippers do!). Stay positive.

With luck the remaining Thai boys will be out safely today. Whether or not the team leader should have taken the risk, he seems to have been a hero in keeping their spirits up. Will they, won’t they, be fit enough to attend the World Cup finals!?

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