Wooden Bridge Across Lost Creek

It was time again for the family reunion, which takes place on the Sunday in July that is closest to my father's mother's birthday. So I woke up in the morning and made potato salad, my husband and I showered and hopped into the car, and we were on our way.

Before the meal, a group of us pretty much always hike up to what is known locally only as "the falls," which is to say a series of waterfalls on Lost Creek, in central Pennsylvania. The place is a favorite hike on summer afternoons.

From the camp where the reunion is held, it's about a 25-minute walk up to the falls, on a well marked path across a series of wooden bridges. Several of us took pictures. LOTS of pictures. Here is a shot of one of the bridges; no, wait, there's a SECOND bridge in the background!

The weather was quite nice for July. Saturday had been a bit too chilly to swim, if you can believe it, but on Sunday, the temps perked up a bit. It was warmer everywhere, but still cool and shady along the pathway to the falls.

Of course, some of us had to dip our toes in the cold water when we got there, which is always fun. And so into the water I went. It felt wonderful on my warm toes. But one of our chief waders was missing in action: my oldest sister, who has a history of bad luck on our reunion day.

One year her dog died, another year she was in a car wreck, another year she tumbled head-first into the creek, and yet another year she was hospitalized and dying, or so they said. (Spoiler: she lived!) This year, a tree fell on a house she owns in the city, and her day would be tied up with insurance and tree removal people instead of family, hikes, wading, and picnic food.

There were others who couldn't make it as well, but there were still plenty of us in attendance, including my cousin's daughter and her new baby girl, just three months old. One of my favorite shots of the day was my little niece holding the new baby very carefully, as the baby's mom looked on. All three of them had beautiful smiles. You may see that shot in the extras. :-)

And then too soon, too soon, it was all over. As things wrapped up, my husband and I visited with my mom for a while and caught up on family news before taking off for home, over the hills and valleys, as dusk began to fall. Just another day of beautiful summer in central Pennsylvania with family. Yes, family. For family . . . is EVERYTHING!

I'm taking a bit of liberty here with my song choice. There's a bridge in this photo (two, actually) and so I'm going to pick a song from one of the Bridge School concerts. It's great rock and roll for a worthy cause: the Bridge School is an organization founded by Neil Young and his wife to help children with severe speech and physical disabilities. Every year they host a major concert to raise funds.

Anyway, the song choice is a gorgeous one: Tracy Chapman, with All That You Have Is Your Soul. I have the words printed out and posted on the wall behind the desk where I sit at work, it means that much to me. Here's the Bridge School version from the album, and here's a live version of the same tune.

Hunger only for a taste of justice
Hunger only for a world of truth
'Cause all that you have is your soul

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