I went to a conference today - and did a presentation, twice!  (It was a breakout thing where delegates had the chance to go to a couple of different talks, one straight after the other.)  Absolutely exhausted by this evening - I didn't feel nearly as nervous as I'd expect, but I think I was still a bit stressed doing it.  It went well though and I got some nice feedback.  Glad it's done!

Had a nice sunny walk back to London Bridge over Tower Bridge, and captured these crepuscular rays above the Shard as I walked through More London.  Slightly dismayed to see that the little water channel there (the 'rill') has been bricked in - apparently for health and safety :(

Good news today in the form of both David Davis and Boris Johnson resigning.  See ya!

Had a lovely relaxed evening with Tim - so nice knowing that we've got tomorrow off work (for his birthday)  :)

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