Cat and Birds!

Lovely catch-up lunch with Pam in Sinclair's Kitchen near Forfar  -  I recommend it absolutely for food and service!  Visited Balgavie Loch on way home to see the Ospreys.  Saw three  -  have you ever wished you had your 'big' camera with you on such occasions?  I bet you have!  Today was such a day for me!  This is the best I could get  -  took hundreds  -  all very blurred:(  The cat is clearer☺  He refused to move when I parked the car outside Pam's house!  He probably thought he was annoying me, but actual I was pleased that he posed so nicely and for so long so that I could get a good blip☺  Got my DNA results today!  Three names I recognised  -  the nearest match was a Fiona Mackenzie!

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