Caledonian Insurance Company

We left everyone still in bed this morning and headed for the early train.  It was cloudy, cool with a dampness in the air.  You can tell it is the summer holidays as we got a table and four seats all to ourselves – what a treat.  I had loads to do today, but the office is so quiet it is hard to get motivated.  I did have to pop out at lunchtime to pick something up, so that gave me an excuse for a  change of scene. I stopped at Sainsbury’s on my way back to pick up some lunch and saw a lady with a ferret – she was carrying it in a wee cage.

I spent the afternoon clock watching, working myself up to making a phone call about something I know very little.  I didn’t make the call – so will have to do it tomorrow.

It was good to get home and to have tea in the garden once again, and enjoy the sun which had eventually broken through.  It’s been an interesting day in the political world.

Here’s another lost sign in Edinburgh at the George Hotel. I had to google it, but all I’ve come up with is -  in 1833 the Caledonian Insurance Company, founded in 1805 as a fire office, also become a life office.  There is also reference to it here.

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