Here and Now

By Mole


Another gorgeous summer day!

Stopped at the polo field to watch a few minutes of morning warm-up exercises before the hunter-jumper competition began. Very pleased with Extra 1, my WW entry.

Arrived home to find Pat (bless him) had retrieved my wedding ring.:):):) What a mensch...

Then off downtown to Market Garden Brewery to meet sister #1 and husband next to one of my top ten places on earth, Cleveland’s West Side Market. A fun lunch on the W25th streetside patio,during which I was rudely shat upon by a pigeon twice and Mr Mole once, ( no dessert thanks!). And I’m not even the orniphobe in the family! Followed by a stroll through a bookshop and glassblowing workshop where we enjoyed a delightful conversation with Tony Funk outside. Main photo. J of course was fearful of rooster Morey who was running loose.

Tony’s grandfather helped build the Lorain-Carnegie bridge. Extra 2. Close-up and history here An amazing challenge.

A lovely day despite a few challenges not mentioned here. Focusing on the positive. Time to wash my hair and Mr Mole’s shirt :)

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