By Bella888

AT159: Little Gem

This is a real today blip (getting back into daily routine). He has washed and soaked the lettuce in cold water. Ready for ‘tonight’s delight’.

Walked about 2.5 km down Old Christchurch Rd (scenes of last night’s jubilation and then tears). Did Lidl and Wilko. Then on the bus to Westbourne for my (iced) coffee. Third excited dog has just come in, wildly wagging his tale, they know there’s a help yourself jar of dog bikkies.

I’m sitting here blipping anything and everything. Luckily ‘he’ needs his exercise, and instead of moaning at me, is now on his 5th walk round the block. Thank heavens for the Fitbit.

Warming up for the weekend, but very pleasant with a nice breeze

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