By NellieD

I've been organising a crochet/knit group for over 3 years now.  With 450 members, there's always something to do!  We had our usual knit and natter tonight and it was, as always, a lovely way to pass a few hours. I really am the luckiest organiser as the friendliest, most welcoming, funny, fabulous, creative people all come along to my group - and keep returning!  

Unfortunately, tonight might have been our last time at the Manchester Art Gallery as they may be stopping their late night opening, which will be a real shame.  That makes it the perfect place for today's blip. 

Filter is a sculpture by Angel Of The North artist Antony Gormley.  It's a life-sized male figure made of steel rings welded together and suspended in mid-air. Holes in the rings allow you to see inside the body, which contains a mass of steel balls representing a "heart". 

Quote for today:
The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.
J M Barrie, Peter Pan

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