It happened again!

I got stung by a jellyfish on my evening swim.

It just happened 1986 in Barbados and now 2018 again in Spain! I still have the scar on my left wrist from the last time. Different arm this time.  So my evening swim was cut short. The wind kept the water mixed up so I could see absolutely nothing. Just felt the sudden sting.

And there were so many people in the water. It just was my time to win the lottery.

Fortunately it's not a bad sting. It burns and skin is reacting, but nothing else. I rinsed it with vinegar (the most wonderful liquid of all time. What does it not do?) and now I have a cold pack. I take antihistamine anyway and will put some hydrocortison shortly.

Speaking of antihistamine. Boy what a night did I have. The air has been filled with dust (and we actually got some drops of mud this morning when it was thundering out in the sea). I woke up to cough. And it felt like it will never end. It was so hard to get it to calm down. And in the morning we couldn't see any of the landscape as it was so yellowish air. It's been very windy today, so hopefully the air will clear soon.

Otherwise sewing and cleaning the floors from the dust. It's everywhere.

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