By HeidiHH


It sure was a hot night. I'm so glad we have the aircon. It was on 27°C and I woke up at 1:30 to shut it down as I was too cold and I could feel it in my throat already. Anyway the coolness stayed with us somewhat until the morning and we got a nice sleep.

It's been a hot day too. I feel like I'm drinking all the time and in addition eating melons, but still I have a headache.

Today we did afternoon beach. There was a huge shoal of fish. I'm so glad I had the Go Pro in my hand. At times they were all around me. And luckily they did not nibble my legs as they tend to do when the water gets too warm for them and they get stressed. That's bit uncomfortable.

Yesterday 3 beaches south from us got closed because two kids got bad bite marks on them from an unknown fish. The kids were taken to the hospital for treatment. We are anxiously waiting for information about what kind of fish did it. So far they know it wasn't venomous fish. A summer mystery!

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