By HeidiHH


One of these days :-)

This afternoon we had to drive to El Altet beach because none of the closer ones had any room at the parking lots (and police was present ticketing the ones who had parked illegally). The the fourth beach parking lot was the charm!

Water is getting so warm. It must be around 27°C. It still cools a bit during a hot day.

Otherwise not the best day for me. I've been eating healthy, drinking a lot, taking Ibuprofen and I still have a headache. I'm pondering if I should take my migraine pill now or try to work this out without one for a bit longer more.

Next two weeks seems very stable in the forecast. Min of the day 22°C and max 31-32°C.

So getting hit on the face with warm water was not the worst that could happen. (Lovely waves today by the way... )

Can you find the plane in the sky taking off from Alicante?

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