By Missycat

FlowerFriday13_2018 Looking rosy

Today Violet and I went to Forty Hall for  another picnic with her friend S and her mummy.  Unbelievably the hot weather continues and the shade of a huge conifer was welcome as we ate.  This will be the last time that we'll meet for a few weeks, so it was nice that The Son and Daughter #1 could come with us to enjoy the afternoon. 
 My 'real flower' shot is of a little potted (supermarket bought) rose, placed on a table in the front room.  Many thanks to BikerBear (who is not having the best of times atm) for continuing to host.  My 'alternative flower' in extras is of Violet and her friend, chatting under one of the magnificent trees.
Tomorrow our Aussie family start to arrive, ready for our niece's wedding in just one week's time.

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