Ricoh KR-10 with an SMC Pentax-M f/1.7 50mm lens, being prepared for a testing session tomorrow, all being well.

The camera cost £6.99 delivered, via Ebay, and was sold as, spares or repair. Bought a few years back as a potential source of parts for my first ever camera, one that I'd used for over twenty years. First look through the viewfinder was enlightening, in a couple of ways. It revealed that the first camera had been shop soiled, by being on display for some time in sunlight. It's focusing screen had significantly yellowed and dulled, the difference with this new (to me) camera was dramatic. So much brighter and clearer. So for those twenty odd years, my ability to focus that first camera, and take in the scene, had been hindered. My contempt for the unfriendly and aloof sales staff, in the former G.D. Young's of Edinburgh, reached new depths...

Repair seems to have been very simple - thoroughly cleaning-up and removing corrosion from the battery contacts. Doubled the camera value, by fitting a film, and a pair of cells to power the light meter and control the shutter. Sticking on the old Pentax lens (~£35) increases it somewhat more. Like the other one, it could probably do with the light seals being replaced, as the foam tends to turn into a horrible sticky mess after many years. Need to find a strap of some sort, and then get out there.

(Edit: excuse my absence, whilst I acquire some film Blips... if it works)

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