Success, the old Ricoh SLR is working. Nothing special as the first picture – field of wheat near Chapelton, with several dead Wych Elms. It might be difficult to take a landscape type photo around the Black Isle without a dead Wych Elm somewhere in it, such is the devastation from Dutch Elm Disease. They're likely to be totally eradicated from the area.

Ricoh KR-10 : f/11 : 1/250" : 50mm : ISO 400

Lens: SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7
Film: Ilford XP2-Super 400 (B&W negative)

[Frame : 0]

Extra – the castle at Milton of Redcastle.

Ricoh KR-10 : f/8 : 1/250" : 50mm : ISO 400

[Frame : 02]

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