An Ensign!

Up and along to the boatyard to continuing clearing the decks before I had to abandon ship as it was hauled off to the mast hoist. So a period of reading in the marina cafe and top of the news agenda is the visit of Mr President to the UK. Oh Lordy Lordy, what an absurd character he is. His shameless habit of contradicting, on the record, what he said, on the record less than 24 hours previously, should surely make him a man of no credibility whatsoever. I suppose we are used to such characters of course, and we maybe ought to regard the US President in the same way that we regard other lying tyrants from tinpot states. No tea with Queenie I say!
Where was I? Ah yes, North Wales. With my mast off. Soon I’d devoured all the manuals I could, everything was removed that should be removed, and I said farewell to the marina crew. Still time to devour a sausage roll and pint before that train home. Jam tomorrow? No! Jam today! And lots of it.

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