By seizetheday

Hidden garden

A strange sort of day. MrM wanted me to help in the workshop but, other than varnishing a fiddle, there was very little I could actually help with. So it was a day with more than a little hovering around interspersed with a few little admin jobs. And following the news on Donald Trump's visit and the protest rallies - tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London and many more at marches all around the country. Would very much like to have been able to join one of the marches...

But, c'est la vie! Here in Wooler, MrM finished work slightly earlier than of late (before 9.00pm!) and we went for a short walk round the Common. The stone bird in the stell (walled garden that, I suspect, many visitors don't notice) looked quite elegant on its pedestal, above a sea of daisies. Too late to see much wildlife, but we inadvertently disturbed a deer that seemed to have bedded down for the night quite close to the path. 

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