By seizetheday

Raindrops on roses

Rain on and off all day - again - and a torrential downpour this evening. Though it stopped this afternoon long enough for the Northumberland-flag bunting to be hung along the High Street, ready for the Glendale Festival next weekend.

A day in the workshop for MrM, while I caught up with some domestic stuff and put the books back in the bookcase. Later we put the big settee back in to the living room - it's been on its side in the hall since the beginning of the year. Starting to put the room back together slightly sooner than we'd like, as visitors are coming to stay on Monday, and the Music Room - our temporary living room - is a little too small for us all to sit in comfortably.

The Rosa glauca in the 'yard has been flowering for a while. The flowers are beautiful but don't last long, and already lots of dark-red hips are forming on the bush. A reminder that summer is passing by all too quickly...

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