... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Brixton Village: Foliage, Flesh, and Fish

Have a butcher's in large.
Extra: Monet & Anatidaephilia revisited

Long time, no Brixton Village...
We went to Federation for a coffee, and I took some shots as the market wound up, with plantain posingfamily greetingsplant potting, dancing and mopping, and starting trading. I was spotted moments after my blip shot..
A traffic light of bittersweet nightshade caught my eye in the street afterwards.

Today's other shots are here (or right from Community Cafe).

p.s. Now more familiar with Monet's œuvre and effets, I've added a handful more Monet & Anatidaephilia pics from Wandsworth Common today (right from honorary anatid)...

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