I was up and at 'em early, and left home around 9am for Henley where I was hoping to possibly meet up with Beewriter who was swimming in the open mile!

I wandered around for a while and then sat on a bench near the finish of the mile.  I saw all the green caps come in (and the pink before them), but it seems our meet up was destined not to happen.  Sorry Bee, I was rooting for you and hope you did OK!

More here

At 1.30pm I started the drive home and made it easily though by then was very hot and sleepy.  So I ended up sleeping when I got home again :(  I'm determined not to sleep again today because otherwise I know I'll have a broken night tonight which is what I don't need before tomorrow which is going to be a very challenging day given what happened on Friday :(

In Other News Back in May, my Mum came off the chemo and since then I've been keeping in regular contact.  Originally she was emailing me and we were talking on the phone.

However, its been a couple of weeks since I called and she is now sleeping much more.  She is having severe headaches and is much weaker too..

Today I spoke at length to my StepDad.   She is not needing any particular care, they are managing he said.  He seems to be at peace with what is happening too.

I've asked again if they would like me to go to Norfolk, but they don't want me to, so from a distance I am keeping in touch.  I will go if I am needed.....

Looking forward to a few relaxing hours before bed now!

Happy Sunday folks :)

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