Day one....

....of two up on scaffolding.

This doesn't look that high but it felt like it. A full day on the scaffolding tower filling, sanding and painting.

As our good builders have finished, they are generously lending us the tower they used to do the pointing last week. We have it for at least two weekends but I thought I should work hard this weekend to take the pressure off next week. Pat come round first thing to show me the dos and dont's of using scaffolding.

As it is quick release and not bolted together I've been advised to take it down at night as people have been known to steal sections or complete towers. It's pretty easy to use and takes about 15 minutes to build.

A very constructive day and even though I was knackered we decided to walk into Stourbridge to see our friend as it was her Birthday.

Cracking on with it with much the same tomorrow so don't expect any photography :(

Mr Bo Hingles

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