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I went to bed....

...last night with the intention of going out on my mountain bike first thing but...

I woke up feeling really rough and sick (no alcohol was consumed last night before you ask).

Claire was up at the crack of dawn to do a car boot sale with her sister, it wasn't a great success but they did manage to get rid of a load of stuff and what they didn't sell has ended up at a charity shop. 
We have been ruthless clearing out stuff to make way for the new furniture and make things a little less cluttered, it's felt good.

After going back to bed to try and feel more human again, I didn't wake up till gone 10:30 which is 3 hours later than I would normally be up on a Sunday. As Claire was out I went food shopping then returned to build flatpack IKEA furniture.

We looked at getting a children furniture set for this room but because our ceiling are so high the looked a bit silly and a huge waste of space. At the moment the nursery looks a bit bland in colour but we will be adding some vibrancy through curtains, lampshades and wall artwork. I have commissioned a piece by one of my mates girlfriend who is a great artist and can't wait to hang it on a wall in there.

We have the main cot being delivered on Thursday along with the travel pram system so action stations it is.

Luckily it is Amazon Prime Days now so we have got/getting a few good deals on the essential things we need to get. I normally don't get sucked into Prime day as you end up spending money for the sake of a deal but when you actually have a shopping list of requirements and you can price compare and see actual big savings its worth it. I just wish the city centers could compete.

Hope the weekend was kind to you.

Mr Bo Hingles

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